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Ed Wierzbowski

As an artist, Ed Wierzbowski is a student of the unconscious psyche. His interest in art began when he was a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh in 1972. Working towards a major in media, he focused his studies on art as a mass communicator.

His artwork was sidelined as he worked for twenty-two years in the Russian media industry. From producing talk shows that linked conversations between Russian and American audiences, to starting the Russian Advertising industry placing the first advertisements for Pepsi, Sony and Visa on Russian television, Wierzbowski’s creative ideas were a breakthrough for the Russian media.

Three years ago he returned to sculpting. He produces primitive, abstract, curvilinear, figurative, sensuous, direct carved wood pieces. Devoid of plans, the artist attempts to follow his feelings and what the wood has to say to discover a gestalt or wholeness of the wood. The pieces unlock deep memories from the chaos of our beginnings, to tie us once again to nature and the world we live in.

Working from very large logs, a couple or a family often emerges. Carving from the natural inclination of the wood, each piece develops its own character. Set loose to interact with the other pieces, they can be arranged to create an array of feelings – two pieces can be placed in such a way that they are immersed in a deep conversation or with a simple rotation in complete disregard of each other.

The pieces are to be viewed from all sides, as each side presents a different take on the piece, sometimes even the appearance of a completely different sculpture.

Wierzbowski celebrates the knots and other imperfections in the wood, which often promote the presence of mysterious faces trapped in the pieces. Each of these delicate intentional and non-intentional details evokes the passion of a whole range of emotions.

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