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Aldo G. Pizzi

Painter Aldo Pizzi’s perspective is uniquely expressed in his expansive, illuminating, vibrant paintings. He is an artist with a great sense of composition, depth, and wide use of color. His large paintings (typically 64 X 88 inches) are stunning, bold pieces that invite the viewer to look closer.

Pizzi’s paintings begin as gestural pieces, and develop to focus primarily on the relationship between space and movement. For Pizzi, space signifies the illusion of three-dimensions he creates through use of contrast and layering, while movement indicates how one’s eye travels throughout that space of the painting to navigate within the canvas. These two elements work together to give the viewer the sense that they could step into the painting itself.

Born in Waltham, MA to parents Giovanni and Laura Pizzi, Pizzi first became interested in art as a tool for communication. A son of two immigrants, Pizzi didn’t speak fluent Italian, and his grandfather didn’t speak fluent English. His grandfather did however love to draw, and drawing became the medium that connected the two and started Pizzi on his artistic path.

Pizzi was encouraged throughout high school and college to pursue art. He studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and after moving back east, opened a studio in Greenfield, MA in 2001. He currently works a freelance carpenter for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and is affiliated with the Sculpture Center. He has worked with artists such as Olfier Alisson, Tunga, Jeppe Heim, and Richard Tuttle. Pizzi’s work is on display at both the Pushkin and Arts Block buildings.

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